Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator

You, the Perfectionist Who Accepts Nothing Short Of Exceptional

I see you... controlling every little detail but still not in charge

Your mind going a million miles an hour...

Paddling furiously like a duck underneath the surface

Worried if you take your eye off the ball even for a second, it could all fall apart

You can't put your finger on why....
But you have this nagging feeling of discontent

And yet, you criticize yourself for feeling this way bc

"You should be grateful for all you have"🙄

It's exhausting, isn't it? 


is Your superpower

Feel the relief of heavy expectations being taken off your shoulders as you lasso your perfectionistic traits into your most magnificient assets. 

Your key to opening that world is
the Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator

It's time to prioritize YOU

 AS seen in:

Unmatched Attention: A hand-crafted, 6 week one-on-one experience designed exclusively for high-performing perfectionists over 35

Proven NeuroSculpting Method: A proprietary neuroscience-backed model that has guided 197 perfectionists with a 100% success rate. 

World Class Amenities:
Including your Personalized Perfectionist Playbook, a lifetime companion to leverage your perfectionist tendencies.

Luxury : Premium upgrades like fly to you in-person sessions, done-for-you habit-tracking and 24/7 on-call concierge with a 5-minute response time

Here's a Taste of what makes the Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator UNRIVALED:

Even those stubborn habits —like overthinking every tiny mistake—begin to fade away 

Listen to what some Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator clients have to say:

“I got 30 hours back the first week + have more energy than my 16 year old grandson.”

I'm stubborn and before Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator, I believed there was no changing my ways. Once a control freak, always a control freak. I've never been so glad to be wrong!


“The Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator helped me master new skills like surfing 2x as fast.”

It's like having a superpower! I've dreamed of being able to surf since I can remember but I'd get so embarrassed + frustrated with not being the best, I'd quit. Now I can surf and I had as much learning as I do now surfing! 

— JAMIE, 57

“I've stopped using my wins as a yardstick for my worth and FINALLY feel secure in who I am.”

Damn, it feels good to stop pretending you’re killing it on all fronts, attempting to “fix” the perfectionism and hide the parts of me that don’t fit the idealized version of myself. The change was immediate. Now I bring all of me everywhere.

— EMILY, 42

Inside the Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator
You get 100%



Efficiency Meets Excellence

Results That Resonate

Eliminate the Guesswork

The NeuroSculpting© Edge

On your very first session, we'll pinpoint where you're leaking energy + time, and you'll feel revitalized as you plug those leaks + regain control.

Your time is valuable, that's why within 30 mins after every session, you'll find hand-typed Coach notes waiting inside your 'Perfectionist Portal' 

Stay present, stay focused. Let go of having to re-listen to recordings or decipher scribbles. All the pivotal perspectives, delivered to you.

Switch from tunnel-vision into a broadened vision with cutting-edge neuroplasticity, biofeedback, epigenetics and hypnotherapy.

Weekly Oasis 

Session environment designed for your subconscious to relax. No being chained to a screen or trapped inside sitting in a chair. 

Never-Get-Stuck-Again Science

Tools you can instantly implement, keeping energy from coaching with you at all times. Imagine never drifting, continuously moving forward.

Friction-Free Flexibility

Dynamic scheduling: no stress, no back and forth. Pure convenience. Seamlessly adjust, adapt and continue your acceleration with ease.

limited Edition EXTRAS

Perfectionist Power Portal

Access exclusive resources crafted for high-achieving perfectionists: playbooks, private podcasts + more 

Momentum BONUS Session

3 months after your accelerator completion, we’ll come together to celebrate your remarkable progress + set your path for an extraordinary future.


 YOUR own Core Energy Assessment + 90 Minute Debrief. A process you can use every week to seal energy leaks + put more fuel in your tank

Exclusive Bonus!

I used to make agendas for my friendship dates  + would prefer eating glass than being forced to sit + do nothing relax

Now, I've optimized my perfectionism from a crippling weakness into my most potent strength through pioneering a permanent way to upgrade the urge to control.

The results? 197 perfectionists guided in my coaching practice since 2019 with a 100% success rate.

My life's mission is clear: to help perfectionists over 35 who’ve yet to discover how to take charge of the immense power they hold.

Join me, and let's leverage the Ferocity of your perfectionism together.


I’m 100% not interested in wasting your money or my time

I'm don't want "what if it doesn't work" fear to stand between you and the acceleration you’re about to have.

That’s why I offer a MONEY-BACK guarantee.

You show up, do the work + if you don't feel you received the quality promised, you'll get a full refund.



With this Rewired Accelerator

With the Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator





+ master focus, even with adhd

Want something like that?




Hours Back per week

255% ↑

increase self-compassion 

(Clients Experience in first 30 days so if you're above average yours will be bigger)

57% ⇣

Decrease in burnout 

149% ↑

Increase professional fulfillment

See hundreds more real reviews over on Client Testimonial Wall 

I want to SEE THEM!

See hundreds more real reviews over on Client Testimonial Wall 

I want to SEE THEM!

Let me help you

enjoy Being In Charge of Your

If you've tried overcoming, punishing, pressuring and negotiating with your perfectionist tendencies and they still control you...

Let me show you a simple approach that LIBERATES YOU from the exhausting tug-of-war