Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator

Struggling with Perfectionism?

Perfectionism Optimized Puts an End to Lifelong Crippling Perfectionism


you not only make PROGRESS faster

you set yourself up to QUIT fighting against your perfectionism fOR GOOD

Traditional approaches don't help you get to the root of your perfectionism

The crippling anxiety

The harsh critical hindsight

The need to be above reproach

The internal drive constantly telling you need to do EVERYTHING + do it NOW and do it EXCELLENTLY without error…

They dilute your drive and leave you with the problems you’re perfecting over


Causing your perfectionism to be a constant GOD AWFUL companion

Perfectionism Optimized

1-1 coaching custom to you

Proven, science-backed tools to INTERRUPT the perfectionistic habits currently holding you hostage

Saving you time and eliminating the guesswork to permanently rewire your brain, your choices and your actions.

that's why i created

by the end of 6 MONTHS, You'll have results like

COmplete Control

You'll gain authority over your perfectionism and know you are in charge of it. 


No mistake ever equals quitting. Or failing. You buckle up, double down and learn from every mistep.

Assertive ELEGANCE

You'll call yourself on your own BS without beating yourself to a pulp


Instead of giving up bc it’s not going way you "think it should" You’ll keep going anyway.


Every day you'll get things done that you're proud of. And you no longer feel guilty for what you didn't accomplish


You'll know how to analyze yourself in a way that feels empowering, regardless of your performance

& More tools built for YOUR life so you'll Never need to “recover” from perfectionism again


My perfectionism was this invisible VERY HEAVY thing that no one else could see or understands - including myself for a very very long time.

I tried perfectionism recovery.

That nagging voice inside still screamed
“That’s it? That’s all you’re gonna do?”

After MANY YEARS of trialing + erroring it I did!!

I could SEE what a massive difference leveraging perfectionism made! 

Now I've helped 197 perfectionists since 2019 leverage their own perfectionism with a 100% success rate.

Are you next? 

I was determined to figure out a way to stop being held hostage by perfectionism without losing my Ferrari drive.


Single 1-1 coaching session where you're asked questions that provoke new perspectives.

Releasing a flood of fresh neurotransmitters so more of your brain regions become activated as it looks for answers

The cost ($250 USD) can be applied to The Accelerator and all other coaching plans.

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DISCLAIMER: Your perfectionism is unique and your results will be too.  I've coached every single client through panic, overwhelm and incredible challenges along their power path. If you're looking for a “quick fix” or “cheap cookie cutter coaching" this is not the place.