Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator

Struggling with Perfectionism?

My 6-Week Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator Puts an End to Lifelong Crippling Perfectionism


you not only make PROGRESS faster

you set yourself up to QUIT fighting against your perfectionism fOR GOOD

Traditional approaches don't help you get to the root of your perfectionism

The crippling anxiety

The harsh critical hindsight

The need to be above reproach

The internal drive constantly telling you need to do EVERYTHING + do it NOW and do it EXCELLENTLY without error…

They dilute your drive and leave you with the problems you’re perfecting over


Causing your perfectionism to be a constant GOD AWFUL companion

The Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator

6 week fast-track 

Proven, science-backed tools to INTERRUPT the perfectionistic habits currently holding you hostage

Saving you time and eliminating the guesswork to permanently rewire your brain, your choices and your actions.

that's why i created

6-Week Accelerator Gives You: Individualized focus, attention & space for consistent growth

Control Your Perfectionism

End Misery Over Mistakes


Rewiring Playbook

It's time to rewire your thinking around perfectionism so you can feel motivated to keep going when you make mistakes and not spin out in self-judgement

Perfectionism will NO LONGER have control over you. Learn to leverage your perfectionism in ways you love without all the resign to a life of mediocrity BS

Support available 24/7 to strengthen you in those moments when you may need extra help or want to share your A-HAs.

Finally, a playbook that asks the right questions & helps you stay on track. You’ll get access easy-to-use Perfectionism Rewiring Playbook where you can log your persistence + identify your perfecting patterns 

Connection & Accountability

A go-to guide who will ALL answer your questions, illuminate your next step, call you on your BS or encourage you keep it movin' when you feel overwhelmed.

Fits Into Your Lifestyle

From Day 1 you’ll learn neuroplasticity tools to help you rewire perfectionistic habits + start responding differently. You can practice these during activities you already do like brushing your teeth.

Listen to what some Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator clients have to say:

“I stopped making mistakes mean something awful about me. ”

Before working with CLG I thought I was never gonna be enough. I was always “a thousand steps behind” where I “should” have been…Now I can look at myself and my life and TRULY believe and appreciate that I'm not inferior. I have a good life. I’m doing great.

— victoria

“ I honestly enjoy my perfectionism now.”

Now that I’ve embraced it I’m calmer. In social settings I don’t take myself seriously and let my guard down. Everything else in life I find it an advantage to strive for absolute excellence.


“No more wondering if I've made the right decision.”

 Each and every day I know how to look at my to-do list and pick the things I'll be most proud of to accomplish, and how to LET GO OF THE rest.

— Megan

100% Full Money-Back Guarantee

I’m 100% not interested in wasting your money or my time

I'm don't want "what if it doesn't work" fear to stand between you and the acceleration you’re about to have.

That’s why I offer a MONEY-BACK guarantee.

You show up, do the work + if you don't feel you received the quality promised, you'll get a full refund.


I'm IN  →

Does Your HSA Cover The Accelerator? 

by the end of 6 weeks, You'll have results like:

COmplete Control

You'll gain authority over your perfectionism and know you are in charge of it. 


No mistake ever equals quitting. Or failing. You buckle up, double down and learn from every mistep.

Assertive ELEGANCE

You'll call yourself on your own BS without beating yourself to a pulp


Instead of giving up bc it’s not going way you "think it should" You’ll keep going anyway.


Every day you'll get things done that you're proud of. And you no longer feel guilty for what you didn't accomplish


You'll know how to analyze yourself in a way that feels empowering, regardless of your performance

& More tools built for YOUR life so you'll Never need to “recover” from perfectionism again


My perfectionism was this invisible VERY HEAVY thing that no one else could see or understands - including myself for a very very long time.

I tried perfectionism recovery.

That nagging voice inside still screamed
“That’s it? That’s all you’re gonna do?”

After MANY YEARS of trialing + erroring it I did!!

I could SEE what a massive difference leveraging perfectionism made! 

Now I've helped 197 perfectionists since 2019 leverage their own perfectionism with a 100% success rate.

Are you next? 

I was determined to figure out a way to stop being held hostage by perfectionism without losing my Ferrari drive.


You’re NOT into saying you’re powerless over Perfectionism

You want a private, empowering and personalized plan to rewire your Perfectionism that meets you where you are + gives you the tools to get you where you want to be

You’re BUSY and have tried to overcome your Perfectionism in the past with willpower without success.

You’re excited to see how amazing you'll feel after taking the stress out of perfectionism

The Accelerator is Perfect For You If


how much time do I need to commit to the Accelerator?

Your private 1-1 coaching sessions will be on the phone and last about 30 minutes each week. You pick a day/time each week that works best for you and you’ll spend a few minutes each day writing down your plays. That's it. 

The BEST part is everything in an on-the-go format to beautifully integrate into your busy life. NO videos to watch or BUSYWORK.

If you're concerned about time together we'll help you decide how much time to dedicate to this based on your lifestyle.

How Quickly Will I Be Able To See Results?

How quickly will you be able to apply the coaching? Results are entirely dependent upon your determination, willingness and curiosity. 

Within the first week you'll notice how much less noise there is in your head. After 2 weeks you'll no longer feel out of control bc you are no longer a victim and every thing you do is YOUR CHOICE. After 30 days you'll be able to sleep through the night. 


Yes. You’ll learn how to feel willing, focused and in control regardless of your mental health conditions.

Rewiring your perfectionism makes managing your other health conditions easier. 

Can i use my Health savings account or INSURANCE?

What exactly do I get with The Accelerator logistically? 

Inside the Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator you'll receive a total of seven private 1-1 coaching sessions, text access to CLG on the client hotline, the Perfectionist private podcast, your Perfectionism Rewired Playbooks and any other materials that will beneficial to you, as this is a customized client centered program. 

Coaching sessions are conducted via phone and last for 30 minutes. They are scheduled for an hour to give you to time to do self-directed neuroplasticity after coaching and allow the acceleration of your neural pathways rewiring. 

Six of your private 1-1 coaching sessions will take place during the 6 weeks you are in the Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator. The seventh session takes place 60 days after you complete the Accelerator as a recalibration session. 

What if my partner thinks i'm wasting my money?

When partners haven’t listened to the podcast or  just don’t get your struggles they sometimes say this..and that’s OK!

Think of it as their way of saying "I don't want to see you go through the pain of something not working again."

One of the BEST gifts you can give yourself is peace knowing they probably love you and are just concerned you’ll do something you don’t like.

Love them for caring enough to be honest with you. But know this. The most important support you get is from YOU. I'll teach you that while we prove them WRONG about The Accelerator being a waste of money.

What are my options to continue after the accelerator ends?

If you want to build on top of the strong foundation you established inside The Accelerator you have several options including: Perfectionism Optimized, Perfectionism Leveraged or purchasing a 4 session coaching  package to be used at anytime. 

As long as you remain a current client with a coaching plan you continue to have text access to CLG and the private podcast.


The Perfectionism Rewired Accelerator is a jumpstart to rewiring your perfectionism. It's the shortest amount of time that can provide sustainable results.

You'll get 1-1 tailored coaching and tools built for YOUR life so you can feel more in control and you won’t need to “recover” from your perfectionism again.

Single 1-1 coaching session where you're asked questions that provoke new perspectives.

Releasing a flood of fresh neurotransmitters so more of your brain regions become activated as it looks for answers

The cost ($250 USD) can be applied to The Accelerator and all other coaching plans.

On The Fence? Do An Introductory Session

Take Control of Your Perfectionism Today!

Once you reach out, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. You can count on it.

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DISCLAIMER: Your perfectionism is unique and your results will be too.  I've coached every single client through panic, overwhelm and incredible challenges along their power path. If you're looking for a “quick fix” or “cheap cookie cutter coaching" this is not the place.