I'm Courtney Love Gavin

I work with successful, driven & innovative people who've triumphed by every traditional metric—but something is missing

I know how this feels, because it’s my story too.  

I'm Courtney Love Gavin

I work with educated, accomplished, driven,  always go above and beyond- people. 

 Perpetual excellence is a big part of our identity. 

But internally,  it feels like something is missing. 

 I know how this feels, because it’s my story too


I came to this work through  PERSONAL + PROFESSIONAL EVOLUTION

I spent decades earning degrees in public relations, political science and communications management, along with 13 other certifications....

Because I believed I needed to earn my value. That struggle and sacrifice came with incredible success. 

The more ACHIEVEMENTS I  collected the more EVIDENCE I had to PROVE I  PERFECTED part of myself.

It was all a LIE. 

Lies my brain believed as truth bc no one showed me how to be EXCELLENT at being myself. 


With every new accomplishment, I felt worse; every career milestone made me feel hollow.

I had it all, but I wanted to scream, Is that all there is?

The rising panic I felt inside led me to hiring my first Life Coach. 

Where I discovered how to activate the art of being myself 

I tapped into the FIRE of my truth + burnt down everything that wasn’t in alignment with the life I desired

began to CREATE a LIFE I LOVED living, not just one that looked GOOD on PAPER

I left my $250k/yr + bonus role as the Senior Vice President of Global PR + Communications  to start my own coaching practice dedicated to helping other successful people activate the art of being themselves. 

I'm the happiest I've ever been and have exponentially increased my impact and earning. 

By doing way less my natural strengths became brighter. Simplicity is badass.  

I'm a devoted dog mom to CHANDLER BING

He's the cutest boy you ever did see. When I walk him around our neighborhood in Santa Monica, cars will pull over to tell me how handsome he is. 

I'm a Human Design junkie (Sacral Generator, 3/5) and love moving my body (boxing, running + yoga in heavy rotation).

My coaching style is just like me, imperfectly awesome and luxurious. I have the best analogies. I’m direct AF. And I absolutely adore my job. Seriously... fucking love my job.


There’s something about being in CLG’s energy that just makes you believe ALL things are possible.  I’ve moved into a new position, created just for me; I‘ve bought a new home and the dream I thought was too big, is now within reach.
- Lennon J. 

Courtney has mastered the art of dimming your inner critic and illuminating your brilliance. 
- Yasi S.

Courtney is pure f**king magic! I feel valued and seen in a way that's extremely rare. In just a few months, she's become one of the most engaged, centering and constant sources of reflection in my life. She's  changing the way I think and operate in the world.
- Joseph T. 

Within this crazy world of entertainment, CLG is more than a calming, supportive voice along with me on my journey; she's a co-pilot elegantly pointing out the clearest path to get where I want to go.
- Daymon J. 


My approach to coaching is energetically potent and luxurious. My methodology is deeply rooted in decades of studying personal transformation and my hard-earned experience as a public relations executive.
My work is heavily influenced by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz, Dr. David R. Hawkins, Dr. Brene Brown, Dr. Gabor Mate and other pioneers in epigenetics, humanistic psychology, neuroplasticity and neurophysiology. 
Coaching influences include Brooke Castillo, Byron Katie, Sharon Salzberg, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and various holistic practices. 
I do not subscribe to just one approach (how boring and ineffective that would be!) instead we work together to create a completely personalized, premium coaching experience. 
This work is deep and the results are permanent. This level of coaching is not about providing temporary relief or insight. It goes way beyond what’s conventionally thought of as “life coaching” or mindset work. 

My sparkly fun generator vibes shine through my every move

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