Single 1-1 coaching sesh with CLG where you're asked questions that provoke new perspectives.

Releasing a flood of fresh neurotransmitters so more of your brain regions become activated as it looks for answers

  • Open to all new clients
  • $250 USD
  • Cost can be applied to any future coaching plans

The Perfect Start Introductory Session


Absolutely. You have 1 whole year, 365 days to schedule your Perfect Start Introductory Session.

Let CLG know you don't want to schedule before purchasing and she'll send you a special link to purchase. 

You can also purchase this as a gift for a friend and I'll send them a pretty gift card. 

1-1 coaching is done via phone for your benefit. Here are 5 of my favs backed up by neuroscience studies. 

  1. Your coaching is more potent. Eliminating visual distractions = less data for your mind to process, allowing for deeper sessions.
  2. You're more relaxed when subconscious knows you're not being watched on camera. You feel safer making it easier to focus + discuss sensitive topics.
  3. You can do it anywhere. Take your call from the bath. While hiking outside. Whatever environment feels safe + nourishing to you, without the restrictions of Wi-Fi signals.
  4. It’s easier to schedule. No added time of signing into zoom, getting your camera set up, hiding the piles in your background, etc. 
  5. It’s convenient + most secure. You can receive coaching anywhere you have your phone. Plus, you don’t have to worry about anyone hacking into your Zoom call or secretly recording you.

The Perfect Start Introductory Session is a paid single session of 1-1 coaching with CLG

On a consultation call there's zero coaching with CLG

The purpose of The Perfect Start Introductory Session is to give you the experience of receiving 1-1 private coaching with CLG. 

The purpose of a consult call is to figure out if 1-1 coaching with CLG is the best decision for you at this time. 

The Perfect Start Introductory Session is a perfectionism coaching offer designed by CLG only open to new clients. 

A consult call is a sales tool that's sometimes helpful for current, past and new clients. 

The Perfect Start Introductory Session can take up to 1 hour. 

A consult call with CLG is 15 minutes.

Unlike a babysitter or masseuse, the value you receive on The Perfect Start Introductory Session is not determined by length of time. 

Think of it like a chiropractor, what you want is for everything to click into place. 

All sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes, yours could be a bit shorter or a  bit longer. It depends on how quick we untangle what you want coaching on. 

I'll bet you a million puppies You don't *actually* want your perfectionism to go away.

You want relief from what you believe is being caused by your perfectionism. 

The Perfect Start Introductory Session is your first step in THAT going away. Here's what else this session WILL DO:

  • Ask you questions that provoke new perspectives, releasing a flood of fresh neurotransmitters so more of your brain regions become activated as it looks for answers
  • Show you that it's possible to be a powerful, peaceful, connected, productive, playful perfectionist
  • Increase your understanding of what's happening inside
  • Raise your perspective and self-awareness
  • Help you feel less alone

I'm Courtney Love Gavin aka CLG, I'm licensed as a Professional Counselor and a Master Certified Life & Perfectionism Coach. With over two decades of experience working with perfectionists, Type A’s and neurodiverse overachievers.

Through owning my perfectionism I've lost 50lbs (and kept it off for 7 years), became emotionally available, stopped judging the shit out of myself, became confident to go bare-faced on camera + in public, stop people pleasing the people I love the most and fall asleep by 10pm naturally. 

I'm on a mission to help perfectionists who are struggling to let go, unable to fully relax, tired of generic advice like "find balance", feeling like they're doing it all but getting nothing in return-- permanently rewire their perfectionistic habits so they can leverage it to create a life they LOVE. Basically go from mutants to X-Men. 



Snag Your Session

Tell me if you want to schedule your session when you purchase or after and I'll send you the appropriate link.

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