Make your Brand
a rockstar by getting
into bed with one

(*figuratively, my name is Courtney Love)

Are you a creative entrepreneur craving 
press attention, raving fans
and more credibility for your thriving business?

I’m the answer to your PR prayers.

Especially if....

 Investing in PR and marketing but didn’t get the traction you were hoping for… or, you want press coverage and you’re not sure where to start

You've TrieD

Position yourself as an expert, industry thought leader, but have no idea how to craft that message.

You Aspire to

Help writing (or rewriting) your brand story into a compelling narrative that will resonate with your target audience


 Cold emailing brands, prospects, investors or reporters and not hearing back

You're sick of

A speaking engagement and you need help with talking points or media training

You've Snagged

Build a PR and content strategy that will fuel your sales pipeline

You wanT To

Now you can finally expand your visibility,
 influence and revenue 

As your personal PR strategist 

Holistic - Everything I do includes my strategy, expertise and abilities.

I’m a seasoned PR executive, award-winning media strategist who walks-the-walk of what it's actually like to be an entrepreneur.

Plus I have a clear understanding of the unique PR strategies creative business leaders really need in order to scale. 

all of my services are:

PR takes serious dedication, persistence and action, so I only work with the highest of performers

and storytelling champion

Even though I think 🦄 is wayyy overused, I am the only successful (& current) PR pro to simultaneously create a thriving creative goods business.

I chose to leave a Head of Public Relations position at a $550 million dollar company to help small business owners like YOU with branding and PR.

I'm often called a unicorn. 

It’s absolutely imperative to get in touch TODAY, if you want to work with with me in November/December. That’s my current waiting list. I only take on a handful of private clients at any time, so get your application in ASAP so that we can discuss your project and whether it’s a fit. 

Get in touch and we’ll see if we’re a good match 

As your personal PR strategist & storytelling champion

Isn't it time for you to communicate with confidence?

and establish real credibility!


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