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Are you the best kept
secret in your field?

Clients. Cash. Profits. Sales. Credibility. Influence. 

Go from the sidelines to making headlines!

With strategic PR you can create a buzz about your business and elevate your reputation in your industry so that you attract more:

Are you  craving
press attention, raving customers
and more credibility for your thriving business?

I’m the answer to your PR prayers.

Especially if....

 Investing in PR and marketing but didn’t get the traction you were hoping for… or, you want press coverage and you’re not sure where to start

You've TrieD

Position yourself as an expert, industry thought leader, but have no idea how to craft that message.

You Aspire to

Help writing (or rewriting) your brand story into a compelling narrative that will resonate with your target audience


 Cold emailing brands, prospects, investors or reporters and not hearing back

You're sick of

A speaking engagement and you need help with talking points or media training

You've Snagged

Build a PR and content strategy that will fuel your sales pipeline

You wanT To

Now you can finally expand your visibility,
 influence  & revenue 


- Kendra G. 

"This was the BEST investment I could have made. Courtney was able to articulate in the most clear and compelling way exactly what makes my company unique and make amazing tweaks so I could easily leverage it for our different audiences. On our strategy call she went above and beyond to answer all my questions, make PR easy to understand and send me additional templates. Then she spent even more time finishing up all that we discussed in our call. She sent a video of our call so I can access it later. I received notes on what changes she made, and what changes I need to make. The icing on the cake is that she sent me suggested media contacts and angles to approach them with!"


-Jenni L. 

"I am still blown away with the results from working with her.
Courtney Love is our PR secret weapon!  She figured out how to get influential media to care about our company and  as a result, our customer base has tripled."

"Choosing to invest in the 1:1 PR Program was the best decision I made this year!"

-Lara O.

"Courtney helped me go from completely lost, without any direction to focused and confident with PR. We transformed my bio and PR messaging to showcase my experience and expertise in a way that I never could have done on my own.

Courtney gave me the tools to define my most profitable audience and encouraged me to push through my comfort zone to explore all of the opportunities available to me.  Working with her helped me create a plan, and kept me accountable through out the process. Choosing to invest in the 1:1 PR Program was the best decision I made this year."

"I'm spending less money on advertising and getting more results From PR, Thanks to Courtney"

-Maria H.

"I used to put all my money into paid advertising for my business because I thought it was the only marketing effort that would grow my business. Since working with Courtney and implementing PR, PR has become our highest ROI marketing effort. Thank goodness I trusted in her guidance to diversify our marketing efforts. Thanks to Courtney's expertise my conversion rate is the best it's ever been, and that's because my traffic from PR is my target customer."

"It’s a hard skill to master--making things look so easy and actually getting me excited about PR!"

-Paula K.

"I love how totally transparent she is in her delivery and best PR practices. It’s a hard skill to master--making things look so easy and actually getting me excited about PR! Her positive and vibrant personality is like the California sunshine I never knew I needed in my business. Authentic, warm and just the right amount of bright. "

"if you're on the fence... trust me, PR + CLG will transform your brand."


"CLG just gets me and my brand.  She always takes the time to understand what my business goals are and creates the precise PR plan to help support them. I ALWAYS see results from her work and love how she goes above and beyond for her clients. Her instincts are killer and I know I never have to worry when it comes to CLG because she gets everything handled! She's also a super warm person, easy to approach, and instantly likable due to her authenticity. This has helped me tremendously when she makes introductions or have her come on-site to for press tours. She is a class act and I highly recommend!"

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What My Clients Are Saying...


$650+ million

Eagle eye editing  certification

ap style 

INTEGRATED PR strategies written


books read per week


As your personal PR strategist 

Holistic - Everything I do includes my strategy, expertise and abilities.

I’m a seasoned PR executive, award-winning media strategist who walks-the-walk of what it's actually like to be an entrepreneur.

Plus I have a clear understanding of the unique PR strategies creative business leaders really need in order to scale. 

all of my services are:

PR takes serious dedication, persistence and action, so I only work with the highest of performers

and communications coach

Even though I think 🦄 is wayyy overused, I am the only successful (& current) PR pro to simultaneously create a thriving creative goods business.

I chose to leave a Head of Public Relations position at a $550 million dollar company to help small business owners like YOU with branding and PR.

I'm often called a unicorn. 

It’s absolutely imperative to get in touch TODAY, if you want to work with with me in May/June 2020. That’s my current waiting list. I only take on a handful of private clients at any time, so book a call ASAP so that we can discuss your project and whether it’s a fit. 

Get in touch and we’ll see if we’re a good match 

As your personal PR strategist & Communications Coach

Isn't it time for you to communicate with confidence?

and establish real credibility!


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