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 Make your Brand
a PR rockstar by getting
into bed with one

(*figuratively, my name is Courtney Love)

I'm Courtney Love Gavin, here to help your thriving business evolve into the spectacular vision you have for it.

and the first thing you need to know is that I'm a creative ENTREPRENEUR, too

Feeling unfulfilled by my corporate PR career, I channeled my passion for bringing people together and favorite past-time (Real Housewives) into a handmade party game for other Bravoholics. 

I taught myself photoshop, spent thousands of hours sourcing vendors, sold my furniture 
and invested my savings in order to go into production.

One year later in March 2019, my game was ready for its debut.

The only way I knew how to generate sales was through public relations. And solely through doing my own strategic PR, my biz became profitable 30 days from launch. 

PR can propel your business forward too!⁣⁣⁠

Because us smaller businesses have the most to gain when it comes to PR.

And all of my journalist friends constantly tell me how they want new companies, leaders, experts and brands to shine a spotlight on.⁣⁣⁠

When I began putting PR into motion  I had no sales, no social media followers, no advertising budget, no email list, no experience as an entrepreneur or game maker and no connections in the PR world that could help publicize my game.

And I still was able to captivate the attention of top-tier press and influential media because I have a compelling story, figured out my newsworthyness and used their platforms as a loudspeaker for my brand. 

my game, 
Who's That Housewife!?


I’m an award-winning, public relations professional.

yes and......

I've worked with everyone from
unknown underdogs to Grammy and Oscar-winning clients. 

Delighting authors, billionaires, celebrities, entrepreneurs, experts, philanthropists, rockstars,  small business owners , Fortune 50 CEOs and the world's most admired brands with my unparalleled strategic PR counsel.

And by professional, I’ve been on the PR scene since 2003, graduated with a degree from the top-ranked PR program in the U.S., honed my media relations chops at the Harvard of PR (Edelman) and went on to pioneer PR at the intersection of influencers, brands and entertainment.

i treat every client like it's my own business.
And I care. A LOT

You want to nail PR for your business because
 you get how important it is to connect with targeted media who can
expand your visibility, influence and revenue. 

(But you’re not sure what that looks like for you....
 and the strategy needed to actually get it done.) 

You also know nailing your brand positioning,
messaging and getting it in front of the right people
is key to your business success and isn’t going out of style,
even as other marketing trends come and go.

You wonder “Is there someone out there who can help me make this happen?" 

That’s me. I’m that someone!

I’ve helped Thousands of leaders identify, develop & implement their compelling messageS through PR 

Let's explore what's possible and start with a free discovery call to determine exactly what your PR needs are and IF I can help solve them. 

Ready to feel focused and confident about your visibility?

Hop on a free strategy call!

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My Timeline


Learned the value of exceptional customer service & brand loyalty at Nordstrom


Took Juice Beauty, an unknown start­up organic skin care line, mainstream in less than 2 years


Shaped successful PR & digital campaigns at the first integrated PR Marketing Agency in San Diego


Joined the No. 1 PR agency in the 🌎, Edelman where I generated innovative global media strategies for HP, Adobe, Microsoft & other Fortune 50 brands


Said YES to quarterbacking Public Relations at Awesomeness Media & relocated to Santa Monica 


Launched LOL Surprise, propelling it into a global phenomenon, the No. 1 best-selling brand from inception & winner of the prestigious Toy of the Year award


Started  my physical goods business, Who's That Housewife!?, and journey as a creative entrepreneur


I get to help entrepreneurs share their story with the world and grow their businesses with the power of PR

What I’m known for:

Championing a personal approach to public relations strategy.

Teaching driven visionaries how to  use PR  to promote their products, services or creations in the world 

Catapulting brands and clients into the news and in front of their most profitable audience

My love for rescue dogs, especially my own beefy boy, Chandler Bing

PR wins that go far beyond press hits and getting publicity for your PR. 

Being quick on the uptake, fast on my feet and graceful under pressure. Plus uber efficient! 

Think we're a match?
I'm ready when you are!

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