Holiday PR Pitching Secrets Revealed | Public Relations

Holiday PR Pitching Secrets Revealed

Public Relations

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to know about pitching press opportunities. Holiday edition

Give yourself the present of PR this holiday!

Whether you’re a product or service based business, now is the time to start pitching for holiday press opportunities. Not sure where to start, here are my proven public relations tips for massive media success. Stand out and shine this holiday season with PR!

Holiday PR Tips For Product/Tangible Goods Business Babes:

  • Make sure to have a shared Dropbox or Google Drive link with high-res photos of the products on a white background. This is the best way to send to writers/editors so that they can put it into a gift guide montage easily and quickly.
  • Keep your website up to date so folks can order the products you’re pitching. This includes shipping time and where available.
  • Beyond straight-up holiday gift guides, here are some other themes for holiday PR pitching: holiday party style, holiday beauty and styling tips, holiday stress relieving products, holiday entertaining must-haves, hostess presents
  • Brainstorm common holiday PR categories you think your offerings can fit into like: stocking stuffers, under $100.00, for the athletic mom, luxury gifts, gifts for the man who has everything, made in the USA, mother-in-law must-haves, presents for the pet parent in your life, gifts that give back- charitable giving aspect, etc.
  • The more your product is related to a timely trend, the better for holiday PR opportunities. Keto related products, CBD, collagen, etc. are big this holiday season. 


PR PRO TIP: Make sure to focus on pitching ONE product, versus your entire line. Journalists will be overwhelmed if you try to tell them about each of your products - focus on your best seller and leave it at that.

Think holiday PR pitching is only for those product peeps? Experts, coaches, authors and service providers

There’s a multitude of angles for you to hook a winning story! Think about your area of expertise and how it could benefit stories around the holidays and New Year.

The key to PR pitching is to match your tips to what the audience will find valuable.

What seasonal insight do you have to share? What can I teach people that would make their holiday better, happier, healthier, less expensive, more stylish? 

For example, if you owned a solar energy business you could give tips on keeping your heating bills low during the cold winter months. Mores ideas⬇️

  • Fitness tips
  • Financial expertise “How to keep holiday spending low”
  • Party planning 
  • Gift-wrapping 
  • Advice on dealing with family disagreements
  • Stress around the holidays 
  • How to travel with your jewelry without getting it all tangled 
  • 2020 Predictions
  • New Year, New You!


PR PRO TIP: Research how your media targets covered holiday themes in the past. You can easily find this online on their website OR by using Google news search and making the dates during a specific period.

Whether you're pitching a product or your services, establishing a solid PR strategy is worth its weight in gold.

Spend time perfecting your pitch and find new ways to stand out against the crowd. We’re in an age with a 24/7 news cycle with no shortage of news stories, so establish your voice and give good story this holiday season! 

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to know about pitching press opportunities. Holiday edition

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