I'm Courtney Love Gavin, your PR champion and branding strategist. I'm here to help your thriving business attract more press attention, raving fans and credibility. 

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DIY PR the differene between marketing, advertising, PR and branding.

Have you ever thought about doing your own public relations? Many entrepreneurs and small business owners believe DIY PR is beyond their reach and a luxury reserved for big $$$ outsourcing, but that isn’t true at all!

I’m here to tell you DIY PR for entrepreneurs and small business owners is totally possible, no matter your budget, bandwidth or experience level. 

We are living in the entrepreneurial era where makers, creatives and small businesses are celebrated, like today, Small Business Saturday!

You have a unique brand that offers a story the media wants to hear and tell on their platforms.  

The media’s interest in telling your story means that gone are the days of needing to hire a publicist or PR agency to be your middle man mouthpiece. You can now get the attention your brand deserves by learning simple and effective DIY PR strategies.

While there is a certain finesse to PR, I believe everyone can be their own publicists. The key to achieving results from DIY PR is to have a strong foundation.

Here’s what you need to know to DIY PR, learned from 15 years as a PR Pro. 

What is PR?

Public Relations earns the relationship of an audience to build loyalty between the two. It works with advertising and marketing to generate ideas, craft messages, engineer news, and amplify information.

DIY PR strategically communicates your message to your target audience while also adding new audiences.

Non-industry speak: PR = earned media. You broaden the reach of your brand or service by being featured as a guest blogger, by an influencer, etc. and your small business earns media when a publication, outlet, podcast, news segment, etc., praises or talks about your brand without you paying for it.

How is PR different from other marketing strategies?

You can't buy PR, it’s unpaid, which is what makes it such a big credibility builder and why DIY PR a very cost-effective strategy for entrepreneurs. 

PR is not a blatant sales pitch. Unlike advertising, where the audience knows you wrote the message, media coverage is authentic and trusted. The writer is basically vouching for you. The publication adds third party credibility to your company’s story, services or products.

Why is PR vital for entrepreneurs?

PR gets your brand exposure to new audiences, audiences that are 90x more likely to trust you bc they read about you from a source they trust. 

When someone else writes about your brand, it is more trustworthy than if you say it yourself. This is especially true the more respected or influential the outlet or person is.

PR brings your brand to life. PR gives a story and context, both very powerful selling tools. And nobody knows your story, market or product better than YOU DO! Which is what gives you such a big advantage when DIY PR.

Can I really do my own PR?

YES! Absolutely! PR mainly consists of:

 writing emails ✅ 

doing research  ✅

Knowing your audience ✅

Getting people to care ✅

Following up  ✅

These are all things that you already know how to do, you just have to think about them in terms of PR.

The only thing standing between a total beginner DIY PR person and a great PR win (like a prime media placement) is learning a bit about how the media works and there are plenty of PR resources for you to learn

By the way, one of the fastest ways to get going on the DIY PR marathon is to get a solid strategy in place. It’s not too late to sign up for your free discovery call with me. Get all the details here.


DIY PR For Entrepreneurs: What You Need To Know

November 30, 2019

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I'm Courtney Love Gavin, your PR champion and branding strategist. I'm here to help your thriving business attract more press attention, raving fans and credibility. 

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