How To Communicate During Uncertain Times

Your brand is not crisis. You want to protect your reputation, serve your customers and promote your brand. But how can you continue to communicate during uncertain times? What can you do about your marketing and PR initiatives? Get my Comms Guide for Brands In Uncertain Times here  Here are actionable strategies every small-business owner […]


PR vs Marketing: What’s The Difference

“I know this is a silly question, but what’s the difference between PR and marketing?” – In my two decades of working in public relations and marketing, the question of what’s PR vs marketing comes up all the time. Before Twitter, Facebook, IG and Pinterest, the distinction between PR and marketing was easier to slice. […]


SMART Goals for Entrepreneurs

I’ve been an entrepreneur and PR strategist for quite some time. And one thing I know for sure: PR is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way for you to grow your business — while establishing yourself as an authority (aka: superstar) in your industry.But how do you make sure your PR efforts are aligned […]

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Feeling Your Feelings & Emotional Agility

Feelings drive everything we do. Whatever it is you want in your life, it’s because you believe you will feel better having it. Learn how to powerfully control the precise way you want to feel. WHAT’S 🔥 IN THIS EPISODE: Where all of our emotions are created How to feel all of your emotions AND […]

How To Say No

Are you saying yes to things you don’t always want to say yes to? Listen to learn how to start saying no! Schedule a call with me to  perfect this skill & start saying yes to YOU FULL EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Click here. I love hearing from you! IF YOU LIKED THIS PODCAST, TAKE A SCREENSHOT […]

Showing Up As Your Gorgeous Self

How you show up physically reflects how you’re showing up mentally. Are you Slob kebab Status? Let’s stop letting the way we look get in the way of how we show up in our lives. Tune in as I share my best tips for making ourselves polished (even when we’re on Zoom calls all day) […]

Quitting Is Not The Answer

How to let go of quitting, even when things are hard and you make a million mistakes.  There’s one thing that standing between YOU and your goals. YOU and your ideal life. It’s quitting. You’re either going to quit when you make a mistake, or you’re going to figure it out and keep going. This […]

Owning It: Interview Like A Pro

Interviews are easy, once you know how to do them like a PRo. Listen and  never stress about interviews again. Job interviews, press interviews, entrance interviews, this approach to interviews is universally affected.  WHAT’S 🔥 IN THIS EPISODE: How powerful people approach interviews The BFF Filter that takes all the pressure off of interviews (even […]

The ROI of YOU

Culturally we’re conditioned to spend money on vacations, weddings and other people way before we spend money on our own well being and mental health. Learn about the cost of lost opportunity and how to ALWAYS guarantee that you make a return on your investments. And PS, the ROI of YOU pays the highest dividends.  […]

Create Your Future Ahead Of Time

Most people spend their lives reacting to situations. Responding to texts as soon as you see them, spending hours on email or scrolling on social media. Create your life ahead of time by being proactive. Stop spending your mental energy the present reacting to situations and forgetting about things. Learn how to make better decisions […]

The Power of Coaching

Coaching is not just for professional athletes and superstars like Oprah. Coaching is the future and for everybody. In this episode, we dive in to what life coaching is all about, why I’m so passionate about my work as a coach and how coaching could help you. Wondering how a life coach is different from […]

Ending Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is CANCELLED. Stop feeling like an imposter and take control of your narrative. Impostor syndrome is the most requested topic from all of you Pretties and today we’re covering it all. Listen in to hear exactly what imposter syndrome is, why we think it exists and applies to us, and 5 specific steps […]

People Pleasing

It’s time to stop people pleasing! Discover how people-pleasing behavior sabotages your authenticity and perpetuates dishonest relationships. Want to stop people-pleasing & start saying yes to you? Join me as I explain why we often choose to prioritize others’ wants and needs over our own and the detrimental effects people-pleasing has on our personal and […]


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