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How To Communicate During Uncertain Times


Connect on Facebook Share Grab My Free Profitable PR Guide I have read and agreed to your Privacy Policy. Your brand is not crisis. You want to protect your reputation, serve your customers and promote your brand. But how can you continue to communicate during uncertain times? What can you do about your marketing and […]


PR vs Marketing: What’s The Difference

Public Relations

“I know this is a silly question, but what’s the difference between PR and marketing?” – In my two decades of working in public relations and marketing, the question of what’s PR vs marketing comes up all the time. Before Twitter, Facebook, IG and Pinterest, the distinction between PR and marketing was easier to slice. […]

Smart goals action plan template public relations entrepreneurs courtney love gavin

SMART Goals for Entrepreneurs

Business Tips

I’ve been an entrepreneur and PR strategist for quite some time. And one thing I know for sure: PR is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way for you to grow your business — while establishing yourself as an authority (aka: superstar) in your industry.But how do you make sure your PR efforts are aligned […]


Why Your Last PR Pitch Struck Out


Tired of your emails getting crickets & ghosts? Wondering why your pitch got the silent treatment? Watch the video and find out the 7 most common pitching mistakes and how you can fix them asap!


Unique Ways To Engage With Influential Press

Media Relations

Would you ask a complete stranger to cook you dinner or do your laundry? If you did (brave soul), do you think they would say YES!? What about asking a friend for that favor? Less pressure and way higher likelihood they will say yes! #amirite. Same goes for PR. Which is why finding unique ways […]


How PR Made My Biz Profitable in 30 Days

Behind The Scenes

 I’ve been keeping a big secret from you. At first it was bc I thought I already blabbered about it a million times (WRONG) Then it was to avoid confusion. My messaging is around high-glam public relations, my super power is creating communications that captivate and convert. And THIS. This sucky, messy journey of what […]


Secrets To Turn Every Interview Into A Business Opportunity

Media Training

Have an interview coming up? Interviews are an awesome PR opportunity where you can get known for your work in front of new audiences. You can have a larger impact, transform more lives, and ultimately create change faster in your business.

why your business needs PR yes to entrepreneurship podcast Courtney Love Gavin

Yes To Entrepreneurship Podcast | Why Your Business Needs PR


I’m thrilled to share the latest episode of Yes To Entrepreneurship where I broke down exactly why your business needs PR and how I did it for my thriving business, Who’s That Housewife. This is my favorite podcast interview I’ve done so far, because of the breadth and depth. It was an absolute blast to […]

The Spark Show Podcast | How To Grow Your Influence With PR


It’s amazing how worlds collide! Like when my former colleague Gwen Lane had me on her podcast The Spark Show to discuss all things public relations and how to use PR to grow your influence. Today I’m pumped to share my conversation with her! It was an absolute blast to sit down and chit-chat with […]


Bubbles & Biz Podcast Interview | How To Break Outside Your Comfort Zone To Grow Your Business

Business Tips

I just love Nicole she’s part of the Sweet Life Sisterhood with me and I could’ve talked to her for hours on the Bubble & Biz Podcast where I went over how to get outside your comfort zone in order to grow your business. I’m thrilled to share some of my top PR tips with […]