I like to say if a neuroscientist and a public relations genius had a love child, it would be me. 

I help people get out of their own way as a Certified Professional Life Coach and Neuroplasticity Expert.   

I used to be a high-achieving stressed-out public relations executive – with a constant blanket of anxiety, insecurity and angst surrounding me.

Through rewiring my brain and creating new beliefs I changed every area of my life for the better!

Courtney Love here



I was burned out with public relations and running global marketing for entertainment studios.⁣
 On the outside my life looked ah-maze-ing! It looked like I was crushing it in my career + loving my glamorous life in LA. I was “living the dream”⁣

But on the inside I was constantly judging myself for every choice I made. My inner critic [URSULA] was ruthless. ⁣

⁣I couldn’t figure out how to stop🛑 “being too hard on myself.” Beating myself up is what made me overachieve + be at the top of my industry. While people pleasing made me feel like I was worthy of love. ⁣

How did other people seem so content?⁣

How were they so confident being themselves?⁣

Why couldn’t I FEEL as successful + accomplished as I appeared to be on the outside?

Then In October of 2016 I was hit by a drunk driver & MY LIFE BLEW💥 UP in 🔥

I was forced to make a choice. Prioritize myself so that my body would heal properly or prioritize my career as we headed into our busiest season of the year? 

I chose ME. Putting myself first for the first time in 30+ years. And it was painful.  

During my 3x a week Physical Therapy sessions, I discovered neuroplasticity. 

It helped me heal from the accident without any pain medications.

Get through my PTSD from the accident so I could drive again in Los Angeles (everything you read is true, drivers here give zero f*cks)

And deal with the toxic male chauvinistic culture at work that  was especially combative about my choices during my recovery. 

FOUR years later, I confidently OWN all of my choices in life.
⚡️I believe in my ability to make powerful decisions ⁣
⚡️I trust myself⁣ ⚡️I LOVE (+ like) myself and I no longer feel like I deserve to be mildly miserable

I made all of this happen through literally re-wiring my brain. 

Coaching enabled me to figure out my OWN answers + no longer worry about how A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y else was doing it⁣. 

I successfully left left the big Hollywood Studios & Fortune 50 corporate spotlight to relaunch my career  as a Coach and  fulfill my calling of pushing people to live into their potential.

The pure joy, profound peace and exuberance I have in my life now is mind-blowing!⁣

The best part is… I get to spend all day helping other humans create this level of certainty, clarity, confidence + trust in their own lives⁣. 


If my story sounds familiar, or if you find yourself  wanting to remove all the noise and confusion in your head and overcome your greatest obstacles to build the life you want.


This is how we do it




Courtney Love Gavin embraces the heart behind leadership. She is an advocate. She has guided me in solidifying my core values as a Business, a Brand, and most importantly – a Leader. If you have the honor of working with her, she will serve as your compass, calibrating and recalibrating you to the very core you stand so firmly behind.  Courtney has mastered the art of dimming your inner critic and illuminating your brilliance.


Courtney helps me on my thoughts about my business, my family, my anxiety, I look forward to it every single week. I know CLG is going to hold the space for me and I get to let out all of my stuff. I get to talk about everything, not just my career and goals. And she helps me set boundaries in my life and in my business.
It’s the best investment ever.


“CLG has helped me bounce back from feeling worthless after getting laid off. She breaks through the bullshit to help me discover what I need to move forward. Not only has my homework from our sessions helped me heal past traumas, it’s led me to major breakthroughs in my relationships and mental clarity. I LOVE having Courtney as my coach. If you're ready to invest in real, meaningful, powerful change, — hire her, right now.

Stephanie C, Mother



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